Custom Seminars & Workshops

In addition to our consulting work, we also develop workshops and seminars to meet your specific interests and needs, providing you with proven techniques and ways of approaching problems to be more successful.

Recent seminars have included:

  • Emotion and Advertising
  • Brand Building Advertising
  • Advertising PretestingThat Works
  • Strategic Issues for Advertising Management
  • Useful Insights for Advertising and Brand Management from Recent Developments in Neurology and Psychology
  • Integrated Marketing Communication

For such companies and organizations as:

  • U. S. Department of Defense
  • NASA (USA)
  • Velux (Denmark)
  • Institute of Canadian Advertising (Canada)
  • OMD Sweden (Sweden)
  • Telecom Italia (Italy)
  • Cigna (USA)
  • P & O (United Kingdom)
  • Danish Marketing Association (Denmark)
  • Symantec (USA)
  • Vattenfall (Sweden)

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