Dr. Larry Percy

I am a marketing and communication consultant and visiting professor with appointments at several leading international business schools.

With over 40 years of experience in both the marketplace and academic world, I am able to apply the latest thinking to your problems in ways that are understandable and lead to results.

  • Visiting Professor, University of Oxford, Copenhagen Business School and Luiss Business School, Rome, and International Consultant in Marketing Communications and Brand Strategy.
  • In demand speaker, consultant and seminar leader.
  • Author or coauthor of several leading books in the areas of marketing strategy and advertising theory, including what have been the leading graduate school texts in advertising for the last 25 years.
  • Authored and co-authored over ninety books, papers and articles which have been translated into many foreign languages, including Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

For information about many of the things I can do to help you with your marketing and communication needs, click any of these links to:

SIMC 4th Edition

Strategic Integrated Marketing Communications

Considered by many the best available book on the subject

Strategic Integrated Marketing Communications

Not only makes an excellent textbook for courses in IMC, but also offers practical insights for managers to successfully implement IMC.

  • An essential book for today’s marketer now that integrated marketing communications form a critical success factor in building strong brands and strong companies
  • Once an emerging discipline, IMC now lies at the heart of successful Marketing Strategys

Strategic Advertising Management

The most applied guide to strategic advertising management, with strong foundations in theory and a wide range of international examples

Strategic Advertising Management

The sixth edition from Oxford University Press that looks at advertising and other marketing communication within a clear strategic framework, providing insight for both students and markets

  • Strikes the perfect balance between advertising theory and practice
  • Equips you with the necessary skills to develop memorable and persuasive advertising campaigns
  • Online Resource Center

Strategic Brand Management

The perfect introduction to brand management, explaining, analysing and evaluating brand concepts within 12 concise chapters

Strategic Brand Management

The second edition from Oxford Press that offers a unique socio-cultural approach to brand management, enabling you to understand the different aspects of the subject

  • Fully updated and revised with the inclusion of corporate reputation and social responsibility and brand communities
  • Presents theories, such as brand extension and portfolio management, in an accessible style
  • Uses real-life examples to help you link theory and practice
  • Online Resource Center

What people are saying…

Regarding Strategic Brand Management…

Some wonderful crisp incisive writing that shines a light into the mysterious individual and interpersonal regions where brands operate. This textbook is outstanding on the emotional, psychological, and symbolic underpinning of brands and branding.

Jim Freund, University of Lancaster
Regarding Strategic Brand Management…

I find it an interesting read. I appreciate the in-depth psychological discussions and students will be happy with a short branding book.

Csilla Horvath, Radboud University Nijmegen

Regarding Strategic Advertising Management…

Strategic Advertising Management is probably the best text on the market for both coverage and depth of analysis.

Dr. Shirley Rate, Vice Dean in the Glasgow School for Business and Society, Glasgow Caledonian University

Regarding Strategic Advertising Management…

Strategic Advertising Management is well-balanced with opportunities to extract session materials and discussion topics. The writing style is accessible and paced well with lots of examples which students love.

Mr. David Colley, Business School, Manchester Metropolitan University
Regarding Strategic Integrated Marketing Communications…

A most valuable presentation of the most important tools of IMC and how they relate to companies’ branding strategy through a knowledgeable eye.

Natalia Yannpoulou, Newcastle University Business School, UK
Regarding Strategic Brand Management…

This text provides leading coverage on wider contemporary aspects of brand management and a new dimension of emphasis on emotional and functional elements of branding and brand positioning.

Dr. Vish Maheshwari, Director of Postgraduate Programmes, Warrington School of Management, University of Chester
Regarding Strategic Brand Marketing…

The ideal textbook for those who want to go beyond the standard brand equity models to explore brands as an important social phenomenon.

Dr. Sotiris T. Lalaounis, University of Exeter Business School